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Drew, Steph, & Audrey

Drew, Steph, & Audrey
Now there are Three!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


So...although we never thought it would affect us in this way, the economy crunch has hit home for us this week. I was laid off from my job on Monday. It has been a rollercoaster of emotion as I have dealt with the questions why and what now. They had to make cut backs and so my position was eliminated...they couldn't give me any reasons why and so I have had to come to my own conclusions, but no matter the reason it is done and we have to move forward. Hopefully this will be a blessing in disguise and through the hardship we will learn a lot and become stronger while finding something better for our family. I have started looking for something else and have got some great leads but if any of you hear of anything please let me know. I am looking into translating for the courts and things are looking great for that, I also have some great leads with FedEx, America First, and a few others but I want to look at all my options. I am sure that my experience and being biligual will help me find something great. So I guess the reason I am writing this post is to see if any of you know of any leads that I can follow up on, as we all know it's who you know that often gets you in the door and then I can definately take it from there. Thanks for all your help...I will keep you updated!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Nelson Look-alike Meter

Wow! I thought she looked more like Drew but I guess I was wrong!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

THE OTHER JUDGES COMMENTS...'s time for another American Idol run down!

So...WAY TO GO DANNY! All I can say is WOW he really nailed it! But, hey, I really wouldn't have expected less since I have been a fan since the beginning! Brent Keith really surprised me! We haven't seen him really in any of the prior shows this season but I thought he did really good. Unlike the judges, I am a country fan so I liked his song choice and he was right "Country fans won't forget it!" Also unlike the judges, I thought that Casey Carlson's preformance was cute. She really showed her personality and I thought she did well. I am a big Ann Marie fan but she could have done better last night. I agreed with the judges, for once, when they said she just didn't show off her voice enough! But of course, I still voted for her because I know she can do better! Michael really showed off his personality and I just continue to love how down to earth he is! I thought he did awesome! So those were my favorites! After the show I ran hot bath water and took a nice bubble bath while I voted for an hour!
Maybe you are wondering what I might say about my least favorite contestant...Tatiana. Well, she was much less annoying last night as she was very subdued and I unlike the judges liked that much better but I still don't like her! She was all over the place on her song and as far as I am concerned she just isn't good! If she makes it through I will know the show is rigged and I will cry!

Happy Valentine's Day!

My wonderful husband never ceases to amaze me! He is just so sweet! For valentines he surprised me with a dozen red roses (which is amazing all in itself because he doesn't buy flowers), chocolates, and the sweetest note from Audrey and him telling me how much they love me! It was just so cute...he even wrote Audrey's part as if she was writting it to me! Then he got a babysitter and took me out for a romantic date! I did the 14 days of Valentines for him giving him a different fishing lure everyday with a note that told him why "Out of all the fish in the sea" I was so glad he picked me! I must admit, I came up with some pretty good ones!

Since Audrey was our little valentine she got a little spoiled as well, but I just couldn't help it! We gave her a pink teddy bear, some darling little books, and of course her first purse! She was so excited when we took her in the front room on Saturday morning and she saw her new toys, she just squilled with delight and practically jumped out of my arms to get them! Then she made me so proud...she took the purse and put it right on her shoulder! I could have cried I was so proud that she knew exactly what to do with it! Ya...I'm sure some of you are really laughing right now that I would be so excited about something like that but hey, are you really surprised?! It was the cutest thing ever! Now she just takes it around the house with her!

Here are some pictures...

As you can see it was just a really good Valentine's! I really learned this year that Valentine's isn't just about romantic love but celebrating every kind of love that we have in our lives! Experiencing this Valentines Day with Audrey opened my eyes to that, so what I used to think was just a lovers holiday has turned into a holiday to share my love with all those that are special to me! Don't get me wrong...the romantic part was I just have more reasons to celebrate!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ok all you American Idol's my run down of last night...

It started as a regular Wednesday night for me...snuggled up on the love sac pretending that i'm the judge on American Idol, but it ended with me wanting to shake the judges! What were they thinking?! I seriously can't believe that they would put Tatiana through! It makes me so mad! She can't sing and she is the most annoying person ever! And what about Jamar! He is amazing and they sent him home! I thought that this competition was supposed to be about talent!
Oh well, I guess since I can't change it I will just keep cheering for my favorites that are still there...and sending in lots of votes next week! Go Danny, Ann Marie, Michael, and Lil! If any of you vote for Tatiana I will really have to hurt you, she better be the first one voted off!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Vive Las Vegas!

Drew and I just got back from Las Vegas...our little getaway for our Anniversary. We had a blast! We missed our little Audrey a ton but it was really nice to get away from work and just relax! Here are some pics...

Our Hotel...South Point. It was quite the hotel!

We even had curtains around our bed!

Paris on the Strip! We obviously spent some time on the Strip seeing all the sites, it was Drew's first time so that made it even more fun!

The dancing water at the Belagio is one of my favorites so we stopped and watched a couple shows there.

All the lights looking out over the Strip is pretty amazing!

At the Silverton there is an amazing salt water fish tank with sting rays and all kinds of huge fish!

We got some free slot play credits to the Riviera so we went and tried our luck but came up with nothin'! I really don't see how people get addicted to playing slots, it really wasn't that entertaining!

I know...wierd that I put the pic of the temple right after the gambling pic but that's just how it happened! While we were there we went and saw the Las Vegas Temple, it was beautiful and a nice break from the rest of Vegas. We did some sealings and the Temple was absolutely georgous inside.

The Freemont Street Experience was amazing! There is a canopy over the street that they show a laser light show on every hour and it was incredible. It was like visiting Vegas the way that it used to be! They had some really fun street vendors and lots of free entertainment!

While we were on Freemont Street we visited another amazing aquarium with sharks in it at the Golden Nugget. It had a waterslide that took you right down through the middle of the aquarium that was so cool!

We also spent some time shopping of the outlets for me and Bass Pro for Drew! We ate at lots of great buffets, relaxed by the pool, and in the evenings enjoyed the hot tub. It was beautiful the 70's the whole time! All in all it was just a really nice getaway but there was nothing better then getting home to our little darling and having her be so excited to see us!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Picture Update!

So...we've been really busy having fun and it's time to give you some updated pics!

Audrey is crawling all over the place these days and it is the cutest thing in the world to watch her wiggle her little butt as she gets ready to go!

Audrey loves the camera! We were just playing around taking pictures because Audrey thinks it is so much fun to pose for the camera!

Audrey is a busy, busy baby!

We went Ice Skating the other week for FHE and Lil' Audrey is a pro! She had a blast laughing and chatting the whole time!

Fun for the whole family!


I'm making and selling these darling bows, bracelets, flowers, and headbands!


Cute, cute, cute!

More Bows!

More Bows!
All sizes, colors, and styles!

Drew & Steph

Drew & Steph
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