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Drew, Steph, & Audrey

Drew, Steph, & Audrey
Now there are Three!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My New Venture

So I'm making and selling hair bows, flowers, headbands, and baby bracelets! I made tons for Audrey and she has so many that I decided if I wanted to keep making them i'd have to sell them! They are perfect for babies when they are cliped on the interchangable headbands and perfect for little girls cliped in their ponytails or even just their hair! Let me know if you want any!
Bows and Flowers are $4.00 or 2 for $6.00 (unless otherwise priced) and the baby bracelets are $4.00 or 2 for $6.00.
They are fun for your girls or make a great gift!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Fun

Yeah! Drew is almost done with summer semester! He had some major homework over the weekend but got it done and now he only has his final to take! I know he will be excited to have it over with just in time to start a new semester! While he has been busy with homework I've been busy making bows for this weekends big sister-in-law and I are selling bows and baby bracelets at Roy Days on Saturday!
We had lots of fun at the Raptor's game with all of my family! They won...wahoo! Katie and her friends entertained us as they asked out all the players during warmups! Then we had fun getting together with all of my Dad's side of the family on Sunday for a farewell dinner for my cousin Curtis and his family. It is so fun to get together and see everyone!
Audrey held her bottle by herself for the first time and it was darling...those tiny little hands don't even get all the way around the bottle!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Big News!

Audrey rolled over for the first time this week! Once from her back to her stomach and once from her stomach to her back! I can't believe how fast she is growing up! I laid her on the love sack and turned around to check on the CD I was burning and when I turned back around she had rolled over and was so proud of herself as she just looked at me with the biggest smile and laughed! She is just absolutely adorable! Also...we just weighed her again and she is now a whapping 12 lbs.! Although i'm not sure where she keeps it since she is so long and skinny...probably in those darling chubby checks of hers!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Pictures

I just added some new pictures to show you what we have been up to! We've been busy but with some fun stuff. Some of it may surprise you! We certainly have been sharing some special and fun moments together as a family.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


We just bought a new camping trailor...cuz' I told Drew that was the only way we were going camping with a new we have been having fun camping and making memories as a family!

We've been to Otter Creek, East Canyon Resort, and Hoop Lake. Drew is teaching me how to fish and I even got my first fishing license...but don't you worry I only agreed to get one if he knew that there was no way I would ever touch a fish, so he takes care of that part. We've also been enjoying Baseball, watching the Raptors and Drew's Softball team!

Obviously Audrey is learning all about camping and sports but of course I am also teaching her all about shopping! She loves walks around the mall and we all know how much I love that too! And she is quite the girlie won't see her without her hairbows and bracelets, she even has her first doll (even if she doesn't have a clue what it is yet)!

Just a little update

Just a little update on what is going on with us...
Drew is staying busy with work, school, 2 big church callings, and making time to hang out with Audrey and I! He is the Scout Master and the 1st Counselor in the Young Mens in our ward so the boys keep him hopping. He is back in school part time working on a degree in Technical Sales and still working at FedEx. I'm back to work at SOS Staffing after 3 months off with Audrey, it was a little tough to come back but I'm only working part time so that makes it a little easier. I'm staying busy with work, taking care of the baby, and being 1st Counselor in the Relief Society Presidency in our ward. Plus I have started a new venture...making and selling baby hair bows, headbands, hair clips, and baby bracelets (so if you need any they are adorable and I have a lot on hand)! It is a lot of fun and hopefully will bring in a little extra cash for us! Audrey is doing great! She is so alert all the time and with those big beautiful blue eyes she just looks at us and it seems she has so much to say but just can't quite make the sound come out! She is full of smiles and is even starting to giggle...everyday holds a surprise with her!

Then there was Three

Audrey was born April 3, 2008 and a wonderful addition to our little family! We had a few sleepless nights there at first but now at 3 months old she is sleeping through the night! She is smiling all the time and even giggles! Just a couple of days ago she played with her first was absolutely adorable!

Oh listen to me...I never thought these kinds of things would be so fun to talk about but she has opened the door to a whole new world for us and we just love her!


I'm making and selling these darling bows, bracelets, flowers, and headbands!


Cute, cute, cute!

More Bows!

More Bows!
All sizes, colors, and styles!

Drew & Steph

Drew & Steph
Just the 2 of Us!